With our eAlert service, you choose the account events that are important to you. Once enrolled, the eAlert system will notify you via email of all qualifying events, if any, that occurred on your account at the end of each day.

eAlert notices can be sent when:

  • A Direct Deposit or Withdrawal occurs
  • An ATM Transaction occurs
  • A Debit Card Transaction occurs
  • A check is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds
  • A check requires an Overdraft Transfer
  • A Certificate Redemption occurs
  • A transaction amount exceeds a value specified by you
  • Fees have been applied to your account
  • You schedule periodic balance updates
  • Your Balance drops below an amount specified by you
  • Your Balance rises above an amount specified by you
  • Your loan payment is due
  • Your loan payment is overdue

To customize your eAlerts, simply log into Internet Banking and select "eAlerts" from the main menu.