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Breaking Ground: Renovation Update


Our remodeling project continues to progress, albeit slowly.

While an exact date is impossible to forecast, we look forward to having our members experience the completely remodeled Pittsford branch as soon as is practical.

One question we hear relates to costs: “Does the expanding duration of the project correspond to ever-expanding expense?” The good news is, not really. Our budget has shifted along the way, but most of the additional expense relates to decisions to include features that were not originally conceived, or became possible once we knew more about the building and the impact of the renovation. So, even though the project has gone about twice as long as expected, our budget remains very close to our original expectations.


If you’ve visited lately, you’ve noticed our transaction services team has moved to the opposite end of the building, freeing up the normal “branch” for remodeling work. This begins the final stages of construction.

With the latest move, our new entry and vestibule are now fully functional and that includes some great upgrades such as the new deposit taking ATM.

Branch Under Construction


Clearly, our renovation project has extended beyond even our most distant estimates. Our building is 30 years old with few original drawings to show exactly how it was constructed, which created surprises for engineers, architects, and building contractors alike. Combine this with weather delays, sub-contractor availability, and coordination with a working branch inside the construction, and it’s easier to understand how this became a more lengthy project than anyone anticipated. We know how frustrating this has been, but we greatly appreciate the patience our members have demonstrated and ask that you endure the inconvenience of construction for just a few months longer.

The next phase of the project will be the most impactful to daily branch usage. Soon, members visiting the Credit Union will return to using the “main entrance” that faces the parking lot. However, once inside, members wanting to make a deposit, purchase a certificate, or open accounts (the “normal” stuff) will temporarily be directed to the right side of the building to find our member representatives. We will be setting up a temporary “teller” area with representatives front and center to accept your deposit-type transactions, while member representatives who are typically at desks will be situated in the surrounding offices.


Our renovation project continues to progress, and we’re happy to report the first floor is complete and the new elevator is now operational and available for use. We expect to have the mortgage team relocated back down to the first floor by the end of August. This will allow for the next phase of updates to get underway on the second (main) floor.

Most of the exterior is finished, with just our new front steps and ramp yet to be completed, as well as a few other final touches. The new third floor is also very close to completion, with floor finishes and tile work among the tasks in progress.  We’re delighted to have the stairway to the third floor complete – making access for contractors easier and more safe.


The Pittsford Branch Remodel Project continues to progress, and we’re excited to see the changes taking shape.

The first floor (where you’d typically visit for a mortgage question) is almost done, with just a few finishing details to complete. The second floor (the main branch level) is about to undergo some significant change, and along with that change, a bit more inconvenience for members visiting our branch.  We’ll do our best to minimize the inconvenience, as well as the time the branch is in disarray – your patience and understanding will be appreciated.  The third floor is taking shape, with wall framing in place and the installation of the “innards” (plumbing, wiring, ductwork, etc.) continuing each day. 

For all three levels, the elevator is 95% complete (and we’re really looking forward to having that available for members).  The new 24-hour ATM vestibule has also taken its basic shape – but, it will be a few months before that new functionality is available for member use. 

The exterior is really getting close to its final configuration, with stone work and framing nearly complete.

The question we hear most often is, “When will the project be done?” – We wish we knew for sure.  But, right now, our contractor estimates September/October.  If that date changes, we’ll be sure to include an update in a future Newsletter and on the website.

And, again, thank you to all the members that have shown considerable patience and tolerance during this remodel – we appreciate your understanding.


Some updates of the exterior progress. You may notice the “brow” detail now wraps the third floor, and the “beam” details are being installed – both vertically and longitudinally (over the windows, over the doors, etc..). The concrete block will eventually be finished with the same stone found elsewhere on the exterior (actually, that stone will also be used in some interior locations as well).

Masons are working on in-filling around the elevator door openings, and they’ve assembled scaffolding outside the front of the building to begin attaching the decorative stone that’s earned so much praise elsewhere on the building.

Exterior stone work continues on the elevator shaft and soon surrounding the front entrance.


Our remodeling project for the Pittsford branch continues to progress. Soon, the look of the building will change dramatically as the angled roof sections are replaced by vertical walls and an eave configuration similar to what is currently featured around the rest of the building. A few team members have moved into a mostly-complete section of the lower level, now known as the first floor, and are enjoying their new offices, despite a few things remaining on our contractor’s “To Do” list. Demolition is now underway for the south end of the first floor, so it won’t be long until this level is complete. The elevator shaft has been extended up through the main level, which is now known as the second floor, and preparation for the shaft going up to the new third floor is also moving forward. Once the elevator is completed, we can shift team members to the first floor (along with at least some member traffic) and begin the reconstruction of the main branch area.

A huge “Thank You” is owed to the team members most impacted by the project, as well as the members who have visited us during construction. We realize parking can be somewhat tricky at times, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as the Pittsford branch continues to be fully operational throughout construction.


Recent construction progress has brought the elevator shaft up through the second floor, along with the foundation and floor of our new 24‐hour ATM vestibule.

The first floor now has updated windows throughout, along with a new door that will open up on to the rear patio area. Finishes are nearly complete in 6 first‐floor offices, soon allowing three team members to vacate the last remaining “old” offices on the first floor so that the remodel process can expand to the remainder of the area. Furniture for four of the offices is expected to arrive February 1st.

Steel to support the third level floor surrounding the elevator shaft is being fabricated – once installed; the floor joists can be cut, allowing the elevator shaft to continue its climb upward through to the third floor. Exterior lights are mostly in place representing a significant improvement in lighting quantity and quality for members visiting after dark.


Rapid progress on the south end of the building, with scaffolding in place, the protective blue wrap, insulation, and a scratch coat can be applied – followed by stone.

Downstairs vestibule walls and closet have been removed, as have the interior finishes of the western exterior wall. 

The current door will be converted to a window, and the space that is two windows will become the new door and two windows.


Exterior preparation is underway, including removal of old bushes.  The new ramp is essentially done, with the stone work complete and railing installed. Final color will be nearly black, potentially with some green in it. 

Bathroom walls are white subway tile and look great. Elevator “pit” is really close to being done.  The block walls will extend right up through the floor/ceiling to above the current roof level.


Drywall installation is underway, following a bit of "infrastructure" work - rough plumbing, HVAC duct work, under-floor connections, etc. Next they will begin some more under-ground work to establish footers to support the inner structure of the building.


Renovation of our Pittsford branch started August 1st with the demolition of the lower level. Work will be done in several stages to disrupt business as little as possible. In the mean time, the Mortgage Department has temporarily relocated to the main level. As you can see in these photos, walls have been torn out, flooring removed, and ceilings taken down to create a blank canvas for the new space.

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